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Bundles Cisco / UCOPIA

UCOPIA and CISCO manage mobility and convergence at lower cost.
Quickly discover the Bundle Comstor that meets your market and your needs. 


The pack meets your needs based on three main issues:

  • Legislative Issues
    • No Obligation to retain logs for 1 year (law against terrorism)
    • Traceability

  • Technical Issues
    • Deploying a wireless network
    • Home and specific management of nomads (Employees / Visitors)
  • Some Issues "Trades"
    • Communities: Hotspot town hall, library, business incubators, Conference Center
    • Health: Clinics, Hospitals (access patient / doctor)
    • Companies:
      • Wireless internet access meeting / training
      • Guest access for suppliers / customers
    • Education : Middle Schools, High Schools, Universities
    • Hotels: Assigning an extra star


 The Benefits of bundles CISCO / UCOPIA by Comstor


  • Offers turnkey and scalable
    • Economics pre-sales
    • Efficient commercial speech to use immediately
    • Real response to customer needs
    • Adaptable:
      • Migration possible  between packages
      • Ucopia Express by simply changing license
  • Complete Secure solutions
    • Securing Access: Cisco
    • User management and conservations logs in accordance with the law: Ucopia
  • Easy configuration, administration and use
    • Ucopia package all in one



Description packs CISCO / UCOPIA



Very Small Business

Small Business

Medium Business




PME 50 ~ users

PME ~100 users

Jusqu'à 500 users

Boîtier de gestion UCOPIA

Express 10*

Express 10*

Express 20*

Express 100*

Contrôleur de gestion



2 x WLC526


Bornes WiFi CISCO

2 x AP521

6 x LAP521

12 x LAP521

25 x LAP1131AG

Prix HT indicatifs**

1556 €

3116 €

5726 €

14 313 €

* Gamme UCOPIA Express : il s'agit de contrôleurs d'accès réseau, des boîtiers faciles à déployer et à administrer, qui répondent aux besoins de gestionde la mobilité des employés et des visiteurs.

** Les prix peuvent varier en fonction des fluctuations du dollar



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