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At VMworld in Las Vegas this week, Cisco announced the highest ever score published on the VMware VMmark 2.1 benchmark -- this is our 11th VMmark world record and our 46th world record overall on the Cisco UCS platform!

This new world record VMmark 2.1 result of 35.06@35 tiles was achieved using 4 x Cisco UCS C460 M2 servers, each server having 4 x Intel E7-4870 processors. When compared to the previous leading result by Fujitsu (2 servers each with 8 processors), our UCS configuration delivered more than 20% better performance with the same total number of processors and cores. 

This result also demonstrates that a scale out approach with UCS 4-socket servers can deliver the highest levels of performance that customers need for their cloud and virtual infrastructure deployments, without resorting to the niche and expensive 8-socket servers that our competitors offer.

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In just over two years from first customer shipment, UCS has captured 45 (now 46!) world performance records, with results that were either first to market or exceed those set by competitors. Learn more at